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Disgruntled kitten >.<

Hmph. M is the world’s most annoying person. Ever. Well, he isn’t really. But he sort of is.

As my birthday and mine & M’s anniversary is coming up, M has been asking me what I want for my birthday/anniversary. Now, I’ve never been good with knowing what I want for birthdays and Christmases so I gave the standard sort of suggestions like jewellery, going out for dinner, flowers for our anniversary etc etc, even extending a few suggestions to include my subby side, like an engraved charm for my collar (which is a silver bracelet) and the very important birthday spanking 😉

But noooo, M wasn’t satisified by this list (apparently I have until he comes down to see me next month to keep adding to it. Not that I’ll think of that many things anyway.) and came up with his own idea to spend about £150 on a new Nintendo 3DS plus a game I want for me because he knows I’ve been contemplating getting one.

£150!! For any American readers, that’s $235, Europeans, that’s €190. In my eyes, that is far too much for someone to spend on me! Especially considering the fact that we’re both students still! What happened to saving our student loans?! Even if he has been working this summer. Maybe I just have a problem with people spending money on me…I guess that would explain my inability to tell people what I want for my birthday/Christmas etc. Though I never really honestly want very much anyway. I just don’t like the idea of someone spending so much money on me…they should be saving it to spend on themselves, on things they actually need, not little old me…

Conversely, I don’t have a problem spending money on other people who I care about…just don’t like it done to me…I’m just odd aren’t I? Does anyone else have the same problem?!

On other matters, I finally get to see M again this weekend! SO excited 🙂 can’t wait to snuggle, safe and sound in his arms again…plus I’ll be able to give him all the little presents I’ve got him from my holiday travels. As well as receive two of my own from him ^^ I’ve missed him so much. Hopefully we’ll be able to play as well this weekend, so fingers crossed, you guys might have a juicy post to read after the weekend 😉 (Don’t deny it, I know you like reading about that sort of stuff! You know who you are missy! 😉 )

Finally, apologies for the lack of updates this week – I was on holiday in Ireland, which is by the way, a beautiful country and I urge you all to go visit it if you get the opportunity. Plus the Irish are all very nice and friendly. Mustn’t forget the Guinness either. Or the Irish coffee. Or the amazing food. Or the accent. Or the hunky Irish men. Hey, don’t look at me like that! M’s half Irish! He’s the only Irish lad I would go for 😉 hmph. :p



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