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nom nom nom paracetemol and strepsils…

I hate being ill. You can’t get anything done and you just feel awful all the time. Your appetite goes and you don’t want to do anything but sleep. Ugh. So, that’s my current status. And M isn’t even here to make me feel better this weekend – He went home to see his family. Oh well. C’est la vie. I did find an article a few months back about Dominants caring for their submissives when they were ill though which did make me smile – ah here it is.

Thursday and Friday (before I got ill) were amazing though…Thursday night, M and I had a rough play session again – that evening I showered and put my butt plug in as well as a thong before heading over to his… When I got there, he had me remove my clothing except for my underwear. And then he noticed the little surprise I had for him…he bent me over the bed roughly and stroked my arse, pinged my thong and tapped on the plug. I could barely restrain a moan. I held my breath, not knowing what he would do to me for surprising him with it…

He let me straighten back up before raising his eyebrow at me. I offered a small cheeky grin in return.

“Did you like my surprise?” I asked hopefully.

“Very nice.” He smiled before gesturing at the floor beside him, where I was to kneel and wait. Whilst I was waiting, he had me write down all the things I wanted that evening – he knows I find it difficult to tell him what I want out loud…

Things took off from there, and, well I was very well fucked…he had me beg him too…which was more difficult than I imagined actually – having to use the word “beg” made me feel so dependant on him…

We also tried anal sex…which didn’t quite go to plan…he went in and it felt good and then…pain. LOTS of pain. Not good pain either. So we abandoned that route fairly quickly and he cuddled me a little bit before carrying on fucking his pussy… M says I need to use my plug more often and work up to it and he might also get me more toys for my arse which are bigger to help…


Right, I’m off to rest some more so that I can get better soon hopefully :/



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Don’t you just love them?! Ugh. Was NOT a happy kitty yesterday. Kept getting upset and annoyed at the littlest things. Was missing M a lot even though I know I’ll be seeing him on Sunday. PMS and all that jazz sucks. Didn’t help that I got woken up early by the tiler coming in to do the kitchen. He sings. Loudly. I guess he’s not actually that bad a singer…just has a poor choice in songs!

The mother also kept annoying me – I mean, I love her and all but she can be really annoying sometimes; kept interrupting me when I was on the phone to M. Ruined my peaceful subby mood 😦 luckily M knew I was feeling emotional and annoyed (and probably bordering on hysterical at points if I’m honest) and took control quickly before I threw a tantrum (I feel like a badly behaved, whiney child when I’m PMS-ing I swear!)

He shushed me and had me breathe deeply for a while.

“Breathe kitten…focus on me. Focus on me and nothing else. No…just me. No it’s not all ruined. Give yourself over to me. Ignore her. Just focus and breathe…”

We’ve used this technique before when I have flashbacks about last October (see note in italics at the end of that post) but I have to say it’s never worked as well as it did last night. I suppose the flashbacks are a lot scarier than my mother annoying me though…Anyway, the breathing technique worked! I felt all calm and kitteny afterwards and very comforted…I did have my nose buried into the shirt M had sprayed with his scent and given to me though, which probably helped a lot. I was completely focussed on M. Nothing else mattered.

We spoke on for a little while longer, and when Sir found out that I would have the house to myself for a few hours he issued a few orders for me to follow.

“After you have dinner, you are to go to the bathroom and give yourself a quick clean all over – and I mean everywhere. Then you are to run a bath and put your butt plug in. You are to then get youself off as many times as you can whilst you soak in the bath. You must soak for at least half an hour and you must play with yourself contantly. The butt plug isn’t to come out until you finish your bath.”

Yes Sir. After putting the phone down, I hurried round the house to do as he told. I took a quick shower and as I waited for the bath to fill afterwards, I bent over the side of the tub and slid the plug into my arse. Oh it felt good. Settling down into the hot water, I shifted for a while, trying to find a position that didn’t force the plug into a painful position. I started touching and rubbing my clit under the water, flicking it a little. I grabbed the vibrator I’d taken into the bathroom with me and slid it into me efortlessly. Soon, water was splashing everywhere as my attempts to cum became more frantic. Finally reaching my peak, I relaxed bonelessly in the water for a minute, letting the warmth soothe me. However, as I sat up to check the time, I realised I was still shaking. Whimpering a little, I started to slide the vibrator into me once more but I couldn’t stop shaking. In the end I settled for playing with my clit and caressing myself under the water.

When I was out of the bath and dry, M got me to ring him again and asked me to tell him what happened. He ordered me to finger myself  again to get my finger wet and then told me to re-draw the ‘M’s he had placed over my pussy and my heart three weeks ago. He then praised me for being his very good kitten and obeying him, giving myself over to him…

I spent the rest of the night snuggled up in his hoodie, perfectly content in the knowledge that I was his completely…


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kitten has a new toy!

Wow. That was quite an experience. Right now, I am currently sitting here blogging…with a butt plug in my arse!

And how did I end up in this situation? Well…Sir gave orders that I was to buy or order a butt plug by Saturday as I have been thinking of getting one for some time now. So, being a dutiful kitten, I went into town and bought myself one. It’s pink!

Tonight, M ordered me to try it out…so with a little trepidation I took it out of its packaging, gave it a good wash and lubed it up… Pulling down my knickers, I bent myself over the dresser and slowly pushed the tip into me…I could feel it slowly but firmly stretching my arse, going in further and further until it could go in no more and popped into place. It felt exquisite…if I’d known how good it felt I would have invested in one earlier! I immediately asked Sir if I was allowed to cum – he said yes but he wanted me to use my vibrator on His pussy at the same time. Well. I slid my silver vibrator into my already wet pussy and thrust it in and out of me quickly…however, this wasn’t enough and after pulling it back out, I started using my fingers to thrust in and out whilst rubbing my clit at the same time. I could feel the pressure building quickly until it eventually exploded as I came, long and hard, this kitten’s pussy clenching around her own fingers…

After I’d recovered somewhat, I messaged M again, and although he had to go, he left me with my orders for the night: 1) I was to blog straight away; 2) I am allowed to cum again if I want to but both my vibrator and butt plug must be in use; and 3) I am to sleep naked tonight… *shivers* if it was this good tonight by myself, I can’t wait until I see him again and he can use the plug on me himself… Floating right now….

And I shall now leave you with a photo of my new toy 😉 after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.



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