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Odd dreams…

I had a bit of a whacky dream last night. Whacky in the sense that it was kinda cool but also vaguely disturbing how my brain thinks up these things…

So, in the dream I was apparently moving into a flat in uni halls again with a few of my course mates – except (and this was the weird part) they were all BDSM-savvy. And very very open about it all. o.O in fact, one of my “flatmates” even tugged on the O-ring attached to my leather collar playfully! (and I don’t even have a leather collar!) I don’t even know these people that well in real life! Although dream-me was quite ecstatic to realise that M and I wouldn’t have to hide this side of our relationship…the dream did have a nice, comfortable feel to it though I have to say. For some people, my dream may not come across as weird but it was to me as generally, real life and D/s are very very distinct and separate in my world!

Actually, now that I think about it, I had another D/s related dream a few nights ago too…somebody was giving a talk on D/s somewhere (a school? uni?) and used me as an example….weird…maybe I’m just missing M too much…although he is coming down to see me in a week and a bit so I am very very excited 🙂

Or maybe I just want more friends in real life who are “in the know” so M and I can be a tad more open at times. Hmmm. It would be nice…

Does anyone else have odd dreams about D/s related things? And I don’t mean the erotic ones *waggles eyebrows* ;p I mean dreams that sorta leave you thinking “what the hell was that?!”


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