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What’s more important?

I was talking to a friend of mine last night, whom I have played with casually in the past, and we got talking about what was more important to me: being M’s girlfriend or being M’s submissive?

Now, I have always thought that the girlfriend part would be more important but at the same time, I know I can’t be happy in a relationship if my subby side isn’t indulged. This friend said that he knew that the girlfriend part was more important to me and said he had proof. I was intrigued. So I asked him. This is what he said:

“After everytime I ever indulged your sub side – you wanted to be held. Everytime. I’m guessing that still happens. That’s the part that’s more important to you.”

That wasn’t what I expected him to say. But I guess it’s true. I always do want to be held by M after we play. But how does that relate to the girlfriend part being more important? Well, here is an example. When M and I got together, it was only casually at first. But every time we hooked up, by mutual agreement, he always stayed with me for a few hours to cuddle a bit and sleep, before sneaking out of the flat at 4 in the morning. (Good job too…the number of fire alarms my halls had at 7 in the morning…) And it was something that I was always very glad for…so perhaps that was my need for there to be a deeper connection between us than just giving and receiving pleasure. M didn’t even know about my subby side at that point. Which makes the case even stronger I suppose. The fact that I wanted to be his girlfriend above being his submissive…

What my friend said did make me pause and think – not because I was unsure which part of me was more important, but because I always thought that any feelings of vulnerability and my need to snuggle after sex/play stemmed from the need to feel that I was “normal” and that my wants/needs in bed weren’t weird or wrong. And I know there’s nothing wrong about it but I just thought I needed the reassurance. I’d never thought about it in the way my friend saw it…

So what’s more important to you? I know that first and foremost I am M’s girlfriend, even if being submissive does play a large part in our relationship…



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