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perfect weekend…

Why is it I miss M more after seeing him at the weekend than before? It’s not fair…especially after such an amazing weekend.

Arriving at his on Friday evening was interesting, considering I was picked up by his younger sister at the train station (who I’d never met) and had to spend about 20 minutes looking for each other! Plus the train station I was picked up from is really freaky at night o.O

Seeing him on the doorstep of his house, I felt a slight flutter of trepidation but then I was in his arms again, where I belong…and everything just felt so right. We didn’t do anything in particular that night – just stayed up until half 2 talking and catching up on missed snuggles and kisses. Which was absolutely fine by me. I’m not exactly going to complain about being snuggled!

Saturday morning I was woken up early by M coming into the guestroom for more snuggles – being half asleep still, I was a tiny bit grouchy about being woken up so early (it was 7am! 4 1/2 hours sleep is nowhere near enough in my books!) especially since I didn’t get the best night’s sleep. Still, snuggles are snuggles and the next hour or so I spent dozing contentedly in his arms until he left again so I could get a bit more sleep. Surprisingly, the hour of sleep I got after he left was a lot more restful than the few hours I’d slept before the snuggles. Maybe the kitten in me felt safer and more loved after M came in to snuggle me.

We spent the day traipsing round town (mainly between the O2 store and the bank. riveting stuff.) before catching the bus back to his as I was rather tired. We closeted ourselves in his room so I could rest a little. Except we got frisky 😉 before I knew it, M made the slight change from my loving and caring boyfriend, to my gentle but firm Dominant: he demanded that I grind myself on his knee and get myself off. If that didn’t make my knickers wet, I don’t know what did. But I did and this kitten liked it very much.

There’s something slightly humiliating about getting yourself off in front of your Dominant, especially by grinding on his knee of all things…but the kitten in me loved it and was very very wet and horny as a result. Little whimpers escaped me as he egged me on, calling me his slut whilst pinching and twisting and deliciously torturing my nipples. He stroked my throat softly before holding it firmly, a silent reminder of whose I am. As my orgasm ripped through me, I collapsed into his arms shuddering, letting him hold me and praise me for being his good kitten. I felt happy and safe knowing that I am his, always his, and I would do anything he asks of me. Kitten couldn’t quite cope with all that activity though, so soon after my release, I curled up next to M and fell asleep.

Sunday was possibly the best day I have had in a very very long time. After we’d had breakfast and gotten ready for the day, we managed to get the house to ourselves for a while as everybody else had gone out. Needless to say, M was onto me in a flash. Ordering me to strip for him and letting him touch me all over…making me sit on top of him and ride his hard cock…that first feeling of him inside of me, stretching me and filling me was intense – he had taken me on Friday and Saturday but this was the first time we didn’t have to worry about someone walking in on us. He made me ride him until both of us had cum, whilst spanking me and calling me his slut… afterwards, he gave me the punishment spanking I owed him for being cheeky last week. (oops.) Baring my arse for him and letting him spank my arse cheeks and also my arsehole and pussy… *shivers*

He went further after that as well…he fingered my wet pussy and played with my clit, ignoring my protests that it was hypersensitive after my orgasm. He constantly rubbed my g-spot hard, making me convulse and wriggle and moan on the bed wantonly, all the while whispering to me “…take it…go on, take it for me…no, stop squirming…be good for me…” I begged for him to stop. He didn’t. He carried on making me go into sensory overload whilst I carried on whimpering. Eventually he paused and asked me if I wanted him to stop. I gasped out a yes and was a little surprised when he asked if I wanted him to wipe all the juices on his fingers all over my bare pussy. Now normally, I’m not a massive fan of this but by this point, I was too far gone to care. He carefully wiped his fingers all over my bare pussy, spreading the juices around….

At that point, I knew I would have done anything he’d asked without hesitation. All I had in mind was the need to please him and submit to him. Perhaps that was subspace to me. I’ve never felt so totally owned but safe at the same time, or so willing to do His bidding…it was an incredible feeling and one I look forward to trying to recapture in the future with M.

Thank you M for a truly wonderful weekend. I love you so much x


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